Part 5 of Many Many Pony!

Part 4 <—

Some weird stuff about Rainbow Dash wanting to pee. Also there are panties involved. Don’t ask…

High res (Updated)

The author this time is: Nigerou

Translation by yours truly!

Part 4 of Many Many Pony!

Part 3 <— —> Part 5

This issue, we have Twilight fauning over Celestia as usual, and Rainbow Dash comes into trouble being mistaken for a completely different Rainbow related thing…

High res (Updated)

The author this time is: Chousen!! Yuuki

Translation by yours truly!

Part 3 of Many Many Pony!

Part 2 <- -> Part 4

This time it’s two short adventures, one with the Royal Princesses, and one with the CMC! Note: Though the title for the CMC comic is the “XXX Crusaders”, it is entirely SFW. Enjoy!

High res and the rest of the comic so far can be found here.

Author/creator: Amanako and Isomaru

Translator: Myself.

Part 2 of Many Many Pony, the MLP Anthology Doujinshi!

Part 1 <- -> Part 3

I keep on forgetting to mention! Even though it’s a Japanese comic, you read it western style (left to right!), okies??

High res links (everything translated so far):

This section of the comic drawn and written by: OsaruOnsen

Translated by me.

The cover and first comic in the My Little Pony doujinshi anthology, translated for your convenience! I am by no means good at cleaning nor am I a typesetter of any sort, so I’m sorry for the low quality of the scans/typeset/cleaning.

-> Part 2

I’ll be uploading these sporadically as I make time to translate them, there are a total of around 40 pages, so please look forward to them! I will be tagging them under “MLP doujinshi” and “MLP comic”, but I doubt anyone else will use the first one.

Source of the head of the collaboration is linked up.